Changing functionality remotely

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Changing functionality remotely

Postby yjb » Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:06 pm

Sorry, if I have overlooked information, but couldn't find anything related to the following topics.

I'm lonking for some hints on how to change the following remotely (yes, I know I can do it from Toon directly)

- Changing the boiler temperature for heating (as in in the custom heating section)
>> I want to manipulate the boiler out temp when it gets below/above a specified outside temperature from HA. My -standard- setting is 50C, but I know that when it gets too cold outside I'm getting complaints
- Changing to/from summermode (as in the TSC menu)
- Setting the summer mode target temperature (as in the TSC menu)
>> this will allow me to automatically switch between modes from HA

Hope this makes sense?
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