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Rooted Toon controlled by homekit via homebridge.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2020 12:23 pm
by Ron_nl
I don't know if this is talked about earlier but I couldn't find it. so if it is, my bad.
You can control your rooted Toon using homekit if you have "homebridge" running.

Homebridge can be run on several kinds of machines like a Raspberry, PC/MAC or via docker on your Synology NAS (not all of them, see,
If you have installed homebridge you need to install/run a plugin called "homebridge-rootedtoon" and add a few configs,
I have homebridge running on a I think over 10 year old Raspberry, which works fine (it is slow when you have to reboot, but no problem what so ever).

In homekit you will get a simple thermostat, kind of like the old Honeywell turning-knobs :D , but it works.
Including voice control by Siri.
Stole a picture, could not upload 1 :wink: