RFXTRX433xl - better antenna?

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RFXTRX433xl - better antenna?

Post by DJF3 »

Which (better) external antenna can I use for the RFXtrx433xl? I found older posts that all point to broken links or non EU(/NL) webshops.

I DO have an RFXLAN (yes, that must be >10 yrs old :-) with an external antenna and (approx. 1-2m) coax cable but that connector is too big for the RFXtrx433.

- Is it easy to replace the connector with a new & smaller connector?
- (and) Where can I buy a better antenna

I have quite a number of sensors that work fine with the RFXLAN and it's external antenna but not with the RFXtrx433.

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Re: RFXTRX433xl - better antenna?

Post by Akatar »

I would mail bert (rfxcom.com) he knows the answer
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