What Linux software are you guys using?

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What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by rickk »

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I'm using HomeDaemon for X10 control, documentation is reasonable, and source is available.
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Hee.. jij ook hier? [;)] Haven't tried homedaemon yet because I'd prefer a perl solution - I'm not such a big star in C. But good to hear it's an option.

- Rick
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What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by beanz »


If you run xpl-rfxcom with the -v (verbose) flag, you will get hex dumps in the output (lines beginning "Processed:"). If you send me some examples of these lines that result from visonic signals and annotate them with descriptions of what you think the message should mean, I'll try to add some support for them.

I'm afraid I don't see any obvious problems in your Makefile.PL output. I'll give it some more thought tomorrow and perhaps create a version of the code with more debug so we can get to the bottom of the ZenAH problems.

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What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by linuxha »

I'm running Misterhouse (http://www.misterhouse.com - MH), I need to finish upgrading to the latest Insteon software so I can remove my CM11A from the setup. I also need to do some work on the 1-wire interfaces as I have about 25 temp. sensors I need to install (to monitor my electric baseboard heating). I've got a ton of 'stuff' working with MH. Wish I still had the Asterisk setup working. It died when I lost a disk (while I was writing my book, lost the entire chapter! GRRR!). I lost an entire month's worth of work on that.

Neil Cherry
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Re: What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by jonbanjo »

I recently bought a rffcom trx USB and tried a couple of off the shelf solutions. I'd looked at Misterhouse in past but found it a maze to get through so I didn't look at it this time. For a while I thought I'd pick Domotiga but in the end I've decided to try to go my own way (with Domotiga, I found myself modifying the telnet code as a means to doing what I wanted for the IP cam, modifying its rfxtrx code for X10 bright and dim... I was already breaking away and creating complications for myself if I wanted to update the whole program...).

I decided to use XPL and I'm using the hub written in C from the XPL site.

I'm attempting the interface side in Python. At the moment, I've got 3 interfaces which run under the control of a manager. They are:
1 dawn/dusk and date time
2 rfxcom trx - so far only X10, AC and some Orion sensors but at present, that's all I'm using.
3 something to receive emails alerts from my IP cam and a) use them to send a "motion" signal to the hub and b) forward them to my real email address if the interface is set to "armed".

I'm attempting the "home server" in Java. It's a text based server and a GUI client which communicate using JSON (which should I might also use for a web interface at some point). I'm trying to keep the UI simple/basic but functional. It relies on scripts to perform actions (which in the case of a device may be called by "OnNotify" on "OnUpdated" events and I'm using Rhino for embedded JavaScript to do this.


At the moment, I'm at the stage where I'm starting to try it and hoping there won't be too many bugs to fix... Beyond that and assuming it works, it's probably where I want it for now. I might for example add some other device for the rfxcom or say get my CM11 working with it but realistically, I'm unlikely to add more until I find I need something.
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Re: What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by theeuwke »

I strugged with quite a lot of different sw types for my CM11 module connect to QNAP nas. I started with heyu + domus.link. Heyu is very stable, but restricted to X10 and Domus.link did not work propperly. I tried openremote, I works nice but requires a lot of effort 'designing' your home and creating buttons and stuff. Like domotiga, freedomotics, I think this software is to 'heavy' for the QNAP arm cpu. MisterHouse felt 'messy'. I'm now trying out fhem(.de), and it looks promising, support quite some different interfaces and has builtin web-gui's for pc/tablet/phone and native apps for apple and android.
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Re: What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by kylegordon »

I'm using Domoticz on a Debian VM with USB passthrough to my RFXCom, and it rocks. Been sorely tempted by OpenHAB too, but not enough yet :-)

I thought about doing a lot from scratch, but then realised I also have to get out the house! I wrote a bunch of MQTT daemons recently to help hook things together, and if need by I'll continue with the MQTT strain, as Domoticz now supports MQTT via some additional Lua scripts, or I'll just post/get things via JSON.
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Re: What Linux software are you guys using?

Post by RayBe »

I'm very successfully using Linuxmce for a few years now.
The beauty of this project is that it acts as a complete solution for your home, including:
  • - lightning control
    - multiroom audio and video
    - Climate control
    - Telecom
    - Security
All these features can interact with each other
for more info also look at:
To get yourself started and for in depth info look at
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