Saving printing power linux X10

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Saving printing power linux X10

Postby Kroonen » Mon Dec 31, 2007 5:26 pm

This I found on the net, and looks very nice. I going to do this also. I first need to buy an extra appliance.
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Saving printing power linux X10

Postby Snelvuur » Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:11 pm

Didn't know they take up so much power those printers.. will make me check twice when getting a new printer!

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Saving printing power linux X10

Postby linuxha » Tue Jan 01, 2008 9:51 pm

I wrote a chapter on this in my book, while I can't give out the chapter I can tell you how I did it. My Linux setup is using CUPS as it's printer daemon and I'm using heyu with a CM11A to turn the printer on/off.

I created two scripts, the first ( is the part that issues the heyu commands and calls the second script (, via the at). When you send a print job it issues the commands to heyu, passes the print job to the normal printer script (CUPS will wait for the printer to be ready) and when done printing issue the correct at command.

Here are the instructions:
<ul><li>Have heyu installed and working</li><li>have 'printer' defined to the correct X10 module in /etc/hey/ux10.conf. For example, <b>ALIAS printer C5 StdAM</b> </li><li>cp /media/disk/chapter13/ /usr/lib/cups/backend/x10</li><li>cp /media/disk/chapter13/ /usr/lib/cups/backend/</li><li>chmod a+x /usr/lib/cups/backend/x10*</li><li>Next edit /etc/cups/printers.conf</li><li>Find your printer, say it's <DefaultPrinter bw></li><li>next find the DeviceURI line and prepend the DeviceURI line with x10:// so it looks something like this: DeviceURI x10://parallel:/dev/lp0</li></ul>
I've since replaced my inkjet with a laser printer that falls asleep (turns off the laser and uses very little power) so I don't use the scripts anymore. I also had them setup with my Jetdirect print servers (I had 3 different printers on 3 Jetdirect servers). It worked pretty well and I didn't run into any problems with large print jobs.

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