Paradigma Modula NT getting only zeros

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Paradigma Modula NT getting only zeros

Postby dieckfr » Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:36 pm

Hello Forum,
my Name is Franz-Josef and i came from Germany. I bought an gateway on nodo shop nl. And Connection to gateway seems fine, no errors, but unlikely no data from therm or Systa Panel. i wired the gateway between Modula NT Masterboard, and Systa compact 2 board, where the Ethernet connection is. This bus is declared as Ophentherm (OT). after connection the panel that is connectet to user pannel shows me error therme, i cant reach the master board any more, i read that this can happend, (is that right?). When i start the opentherm Monitor, i can write Messages, but i think thats only messages of the gateway himself... When i set a new reference Voltage i get pushed Messages but only zeros inside... HAve onyone an Idea, whats wrong? Or otherwise, i want to connect the paradigma Modula NT to ioBroker... Is there a better way to do that :) I wisch everybody a nice Weekend, and i hope you can understand my german english :)

Have a nice Day!
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Re: Paradigma Modula NT getting only zeros

Postby hvxl » Fri Nov 13, 2020 7:16 pm

Your boiler is supposed to support Opentherm, so you should see more than just messages generated by the OTGW.

You don't seem to be completely sure of what you are seeing, but you didn't provide any logs for others to confirm or deny your interpretation. That makes it difficult to diagnose your situation.

I suggest you follow the troubleshooting instructions on the site.
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