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Postby padapada » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:23 pm


New here and turns out I live within 1km from bwired :-)

Looking into building a simple system for my second home abroad:
    - door sensor(s)
    - thermometer
    - 2 or 3 camera's
I experimented a little bit with matt and node.js. Love it, so that's what I'll use to store/retrieve the sensor data in a universal way.

For the sensors I looked into Visonic and the Powermax RS232 module to retrieve the data and store it into mqtt. Will definitely work.
Yesterday however I stubbled upon the Texas Instruments Sensortag CC2541 which is a small SOC with 6 sensors built into it and communicates through Bluetooth Low Energy. It would be an elegant solution for the door sensors and thermometer. Not sure whether the range and battery life will be good enough for my situation. But people do already connect to it from within node.js :-)

For the camera's I'm leaning towards an AXIS P7214 which supports the Axis Vapix API. Hopefully it's easy to connect to from within node.js. Need to do some more research there.

Will probably run the software on an Intel NUC which should support reboot after power failure.

Anyways, just posting because I did not see any mention of the Sensortag. On the other side it may not be very suitable for your purposes.

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