Want to get started, don't want 20 hubs

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Want to get started, don't want 20 hubs

Post by SirSceptalot »

There are going to b a few differnet questions here.

I'll start off by stating that I live in Belgium, since many things domotica are different based on region.

Currently, I have a few Philips Hue lights, with a Philips Hue hub, and that's it.
I'd like to start expanding on this now.

We have 2 garage doors, one of which is really acting up, both the receiver as well as the motor. It's an old worm wheel drive, so besides barely working it's also noisy.

I'd like to get a new smart garage door opener/motor.
Doing a bit of searching, I quickly found Somfy with their Dexxo Smart 800 IO and Dexxo 1000 Pro IO motors.
It seems I'd need a Tahoma hub for this.

Obviously, before investing in all this, I wanted to search online if this Tahoma hub is any good, and how it compares to other hubs such as the samsung smartthings hub.
This is where my ship runs aground.

I can't find any comparison between these two. Hell, living in Belgium, I can't even find how or where I can buy a Samsung Smartthings hub, or if it's even the same thing as the Tahoma hub.

Philips Hue should be based on or compatible with Zigbee, and I think both the Tahoma and the Samsung Smartthings are as well.

Does that mean that if I get either the Tahoma Hub or the Samsung Smartthings hub - or another hub that supports Zigbee - that I can control both my Philips Hue lights and the Somfy Dexxo garage door openers from a single app?
Does that also mean that I can get rid of the Philips Hue hub, since I have another "hub" that can talk to them?

Furthermore: how do I buy the Dexxo motors? The website says that they're available on their store, but they're not.
I've e-mailed them about it, but they won't respond.

Because they won't respond - and I'm too much of an ass to ask them twice, I'm not going to beg a company if I could PLEASE buy their product - I've started looking into other similar solutions, but there don't seem to be much smart garage door motors out there.
All I can find are add-on controllers for existing garage door motors.
One guy told me that it's acutally the better way, since you don't have to swap out the entire motor assembly should the company that runs the app go bust - but is this even a concern if it's compatible with an open standard such as Zigbee?

Yeah, a lot of questions. I hope you good people here in the "for dummies" section have the patience to answer them.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Want to get started, don't want 20 hubs

Post by Akatar »

it depends, what do you want to achive? execpt hue and garage doors?
the tahoma box is closed but it think you can do something with ifttt

I use homeseer with a hue hub and a tradfri hub, because i want the updates for my light bulbs. If you connect the hues lights to another hub you will not get updates for the hue lights.

things to check or test:
homeseer (30 days free of use)
fibaro homecenter 3 (comes in a couple of weeks)
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