KNX system for climatization mgmt. HELP

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KNX system for climatization mgmt. HELP

Postby wiruz » Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:05 am

I am willing to setup a home automation system in my home in Italy (2 floors, 8 rooms). I am not a professional electrician but I have good knowledge / experience. Not much about home automation. However I studied a bit on it and had online courses (Vimar)

I would like to setup a KNX system in order to have chance using components from different manufacturers. I already passed BUS cable 1x2x0.5 (VIMAR 01840) throughout all home into the original wall tubes (TOUGH job... really tight and hard to add a wire together with the existing ones.. but it's done).

The idea is as 1st step to setup the climate control (heating only) and successively replace all standard appliances (light control, load control, etc).. but for 1st step only heat control.

I do have 8 electro valves on boiler collector (one for each radiator) and I'd like to control each room temperature independently by opening/closing its radiator at the source (boiler).

Understood I need:

- BUS KNX power supply (found)
- 8 channel KNX ON/OFF relay actuator (to open and close the heater electro valves... found)
- XNK temperature sensors, one in each room (found)

and here comes my grey area / ignorance about automation; how do I manage the system setup? I don't want a chrono - termostat in each room, I just want to manage the entire system from a central station (time slots for on/off, temperature in each room, etc). What I need to do this? A PC always connected to the system? A KNX display as control panel (very expensive, I'd avoid)? Other?

thanks in andvance to everybody willing to help me!

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